Denver The Guilty Dog Has Funniest Reaction To Taking Her Medicine

by Amber James
Amber is the Branded Content Editor at LittleThings. She currently resides in Manhattan.

Denver the dog is taking the internet by storm once again with her hilarious antics. The yellow Labrador, who went viral last year for being ridiculously cute when she got busted for getting into the Christmas ornaments, is still as ornery as can be.

The aging dog recently had to start taking medicated ear drops, and clearly, she isn’t a fan. In the video, Dad tells Denver that it’s time to take her medication, and the dog’s reaction is hilarious. Denver, acting more like a kid than a pup, starts to she growl.

Dad can’t help but laugh as the dog tries to show her fierce teeth, perhaps in an attempt to avoid having to get the ear drops.

“Denver, I know you don’t like to take your ear medicine, but you got to do it,” the dog’s owner is overheard saying in the background.

As the dog flashes her canines again to make a “mean face,” her owner cracks up.

“My goodness, look at that face!” he says.

Aww! It’s going to be okay, Denver! The dog makes a pretty good attempt to avoid the antibiotics. But of course, his owner knows that for his dog’s ear infection, this ointment can help ease the pet’s pain.

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